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Payment Questions

Q.  How much does it cost in my currency? (I live outside the United States)

A.  You can find a currency converter to convert U.S. dollars into your country's currency at:

Q.  What will appear on my credit card statement after I purchase the product?

A.  There will be a charge from "Clickbank" on your statement.  That is it.  The name of the ebook or what the ebook is about is NOT mentioned on the statement.

Q.  Can I buy this ebook in any country?

A.  This product is not available in stores.  It is only available in electronic downloadable format only.  As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can purchase this ebook just anywhere in the world.  

Accessing And Viewing The Product

Q.  I was not able to download the ebook.  Will I still be able to get my copy?

A.  If you are having trouble downloading the ebook, send an email to customer support.  Our customer support email is:

Our support staff will make sure you receive a viewable copy of the product.

Q.  Can I print my ebook?

A.  Yes.

Q.  I am having trouble downloading my ebook.  What do I do?

A.  To download the ebook, right click on the link and then choose "save target as" from the menu. 

If you left clicked the file and already have adobe reader on your computer, it would have loaded in your browser, but it would not have been saved on your computer.  If you close your browser, you will lose the ebook from your laptop or desktop.

So, when you are ready to click on the download link, right click the link  and chose  "save target as" which should automatically bring up a folder with a default save location.  If you do not want it saved in that folder, you can always specify where you want the ebook saved.  Remember where you saved the ebook so you can find it in the future, then click on the save tab and the ebook will be saved to that location.

Q.  How do I get the ebook, and how is it viewed?

A.  The ebook is delivered in PDF format.  This is a downloadable file that is read using the free program "adobe pdf reader" which will be available for download at our download page once your receive the ebook link.  You will be able to view this ebook on a PC or a MAC.

General Questions

Q.  Will this work no matter what age you are?

A.  The techniques taught in this ebook will work for any man or woman that has reached puberty.  You could be 13 or 50.  These techniques can help you.  This will also work for people from all walks of life, and from anywhere around the world.

Q.   How long will it take to get rid of my chronic tiredness?

A.  There is a good chance you will see some results after just several days of implementing my techniques.  To see the best results, you should follow the guide for 10 to 14  days.


Q.  If I am not satisfied with the product, can I get my money back?

A.  YES.  You have 60 days to read the ebook and the FREE bonuses, try to follow my guide, and if for whatever reason you are not completely thrilled with your results, you can ask for your money back.  That is a 100% money back guarantee.  You also will keep the ebook and the bonuses.  There is no need for any type of product return.  You get to keep everything.  Remember, you can only receive a refund up to 60 days after purchasing the product.  We do not issue refunds after 60 days.

To have your order refunded, please send an email, along with your original order receipt attached to 

If you have any more questions or concerns,  please email our support staff at:

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